Encuentro de Finanzas

The new version of the International Finance Conference 2008 will be held, by second time, outside its original country, Chile. In this ocassion we will have the pleasure of being your host, at Cartagena de Indias, Colombia. This event is a motive of great satisfaction for us, because it means the expression of the truly international vocation of the meeting, and also an opportunity to reiterate its presence as the most important event for the area among the Latino American Countries. Regarding the spirit that features the Conference since its very beginning, we summon the attendance and the participation of the voices and researches made by the academic, entrepreneurial and governmental communities and from international interested on the subjects, in order to promote the spread of the most recent advances in knowledge and to generate a fertile environment, promoter of linking researchers from different geographic regions, fostering financial research and results publication, and also contributes to consolidate the financial sector´s role on the economical development.

The summon includes the presentation of empiric and theoretical researches, business cases, descriptions of the transformations experienced by financial markets on regulation and overseeing issues, as well as markets phenomena associated to new ways of global competition and spreading of new technologies. The importance of financial sector to economics as a whole is related to analize decision making processes at individual and companies level, the institutional and legal context and the monetary-fiscal policies. That is the reason for a broad thematic in this summon and the proposal of framing the discussion under a Financial Market´s Role on Economical Development view. In that sense, those researches, monographies, business cases and institution, regulations and financial practices´ analisys contributing to create transparency, eficiency and depth on markets, all that benefing investment and savings, diversification, risk management and economical stability, become significant.

The Executive Direction for the International Finance Conferece takes with great enthusiasm and responsability the first version of the Conference beyond the Chilean Borders, its country of birth, and prays for this invitation to be well received by the International Community, taking part of this conferece to be held on October 1th 2th and 3th, 2008.

The general instructions for sending papers, logistic aspects related to hosting, transportation, visas and non-academic activities can be found in this website Executive Director International Finance Conference.